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Saffire Express Honored as "Best Of 2016"

We have been formally recognized by as a ‘Best Performer of 2016’!

GigMasters, founded in 1997, is among the internet's very first transactional marketplaces where party planners and party entertainers alike come together to broker a booking. Saffire Express has won the GigMasters prestigious ‘Best Of’ award by securing 4+ Verified Reviews of 4 stars or higher on the site. A GigMasters member may only receive a review from clients who are verified to have booked and paid them exclusively through the GigMasters platform.

Their excellence in musicianship has been recognized by their multitude of happy clients and the GigMasters community as a whole.

On Sunday March 12th, Saffire Express will again take the stage at the annual Heart Mini Marathon - come see what all the fuss is about!

#Cincinnati #Free #Public #SportingEvent

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