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Dana Geroulis
aka Diva

aka Mrs. D


Big Voice, Bad Aim. Watch for flying beads and beach balls!



Lead Vocals & Percussion



Sam Geroulis
aka Big Daddy

aka The Boss


Don't Rattle his cage!





Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, & Percussion



Bill Bayer
aka Wild Bill



Master of the Keys and all things musical! "Majestic" indeed!



Keyboard & Vocals


Denny Brooks
aka Denny Wah Wah



He's a Wahnderful guitar player - "a much better guitar player than pole dancer!"


Lead Guitar


Pat Emmett
aka Skitch



Able to juggle small children and not miss a beat!

Drums & Vocals


Kevin Heitz

(& Stephanie, his lovely wife/assistant)



A true power couple indeed.

Sound Engineer



Russ Murphy
aka Rusty



Blues Maestro

Bass Guitar & Vocals

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